The simple guide to masculine grooming

Don't look like this dipshit

I hate seeing people that would otherwise look good if they properly groomed their hair. Some people walk around with stupid model haircuts that look like a dead squirrel. A masculine appearance is one that isn’t flamboyant, but looks clean, dominant, and timeless. There is no need to have ridiculous looking long hair, or crazy […]

How to train like an MMA fighter

Among the fighting world, there is a bit of a misconception on how to train like an MMA fighter. This confusion is probably because mainstream MMA is still relatively new, at least compared to other sports. Specifically, I will be talking about the strength and conditioning training of these athletes. Granted, there is a difference […]

The only drug needed for insane focus (Modafinil review)

Modafinil causes sharp visual perception

Supplements are around that help people to lower blood pressure, improve their immune systems, optimize digestive function, increase muscle building testosterone and do basically anything to the human body. To most, a pill that can improve cognitive functions is likened to snake oil (it’s a hoax). To me, and a host full of other intelligent […]

The best supplements for greatness

I am not a pill popping drug addict...a lot of my supplements are powders.

It’s a common question that athletes or those in the health & fitness industry are asked… “what supplements do you use?“ There are certain supplements that are highly beneficial for me, and therefore might provide you some value. Some people will say I don’t need to take all these supplements to be healthy. There is […]

Dressing well for cheap bastards

Back in the day, I thought that guys who put effort into dressing well were try hards, and thus were less manly and attractive to women. Yep, that “man” with the scruffy beard, untrimmed nails, wearing baggy jeans and a coffee stained t-shirt is the sex machine that’s plowing your wife. My mentality was that […]

Body of a Spartan review

Spartan Body

First and foremost, this is a theoretical analysis of the Body of a Spartan program. Due to having to follow a specific style of training program with upcoming MMA bouts, I cannot devote 100% of my training to the Body of a Spartan program. In the future, I plan to devote a significant amount of […]

Revealing man in balaclava


Initially, due to the eventual controversial topics that I want to discuss, I wanted to keep an anonymous status. The problem is that people who conceal themselves don’t really have much credibility. That is the problem with the majority of self-improvement websites. Most are just words on a page, written by people who aren’t in […]

Nobody cares about you

The reality of life is that nobody gives a fuck about your existence. To 99.9% of the population, your life is worth less than $100. How do I know? Consider this… You are randomly informed that someone in another country will die, unless you pay $100. You will never meet the person and you don’t […]